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The Faerie Garden

****a garden that grows on wishes and memories, in light and love***

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You must be a Member to participate in the growth of the Faerie Garden.

Plant a flower for a Wish

To plant a flower:
State what flower you would like to plant and, if it’s for someone else, state who it is for. You can state what your wish is if you like but if you prefer to keep it private that is fine too.
If you know what you want to wish for, but don’t know what flower to plant, just state your wish and the Faeries will be glad to make suggestions.

Plant a tree for a Memorial:

To plant a tree:
State who you are planting a tree for. Trees should be used to remember those who are no longer with us, but they don’t need to be people- you are encouraged to remember pets here too.

You can plant a tree for several people or pets if you wish, or plant several trees in one entry. (To do this, please separate each tree with a few lines. If you wish to plant more than 3 trees in one entry please put the rest behind a cut.)

If you wish to include a picture of the person or pet you are remembering, please do so, but put any large pictures behind a cut. As a general guide, if your entry would take up the whole screen you should cut it somewhere.

Vote on Structures:

Structures (bridges, towers, gateways, statues, etc) are reserved for major events- whether commemorations of good events or remembrances for victims of a disaster. Structures are voted on by members of the Faerie Garden.

Any member can suggest an event to be remembered- they don’t have to be recent events.

The process for building a structure in the Faerie Garden is as follows:

1. A member suggests an event to be commemorated.
The entry is to be titled “We Should Remember”
The body of the entry should include:
A. A specific but brief outline of exactly what event you think should be remembered and why. You may include links to webpages with more detail if you wish.
B. Suggestions for at least THREE structures that you would consider appropriate, with your reason for each.

e.g. :
“We Should Remember”
A. I think we should remember all the people who suffered in concentration camps during the Second World War. We should do this to show that such intolerance does not have a place in our society.
B. My three suggestions are:
1. A bridge- because we should be building bridges between people of all races and cultures.
2. A waterfall- symbolic of all the tears shed
3. A sculpture- incorporating symbols of all the groups who died.

Please note: the Head Gardener (morgana_fiolett) reserves the right to veto any event that is deemed to be contrary to the ethics of the Faerie Garden.

2. Members vote through the comments. Please vote on both A and B: eg.
A. Yes I agree.
B. I vote for a waterfall.
3. The Head Gardener will monitor the voting and will give a 24 hour warning before the votes close (posted in comments). In the early days of the community, it is hoped that most or all members will be able to vote.

4. The final decision will be posted in a new entry from the Head Gardener entitled “We Remember”
At this point a comment will also be added on the original post stating that voting has closed.

The Head Gardener will keep a record of what has been planted and built and, when there is enough content, a website will be set up to show what the Faerie Garden might look like. Anybody with an artistic nature who might like to contribute to this, please contact the Head Gardener.